Those pair of eyes scrutinize my every move.

On a crowded street standing blindfolded by the heat of the sun, looking everywhere for the direction in which I have to go but an intense feeling that someone is behind me shadowing my every move. Not today, but every day of every year, the feeling of someone behind me keeping an eye on me. […]

Are our parents settled down or still figuring the life?

Dawn ensconced on the land of mercurial, Heavy chained around the nugatory existence, Long tendrils choking the nonce. Intumesce scarlet eyes shielding the illusion of being settled down while short breezes playfully tease her life which is gracefully sleeking towards the ending unknown. Laying on the cold marble floor. On the most lonely summer nights, […]

Is there happiness across that bridge?

Grey gloomy clouds engulf the path, Delusion says across the bridge lays delights of life, Standing behind under an invisible cloak. At the break of the day, she wore her shoes to unwind from her insomnolent nights. She sat on one of the benches in the park with frowning eyebrows and thin lips. Engrossed into […]


Slowly my eyes unfurled, laying on my back on a rigid mattress in a cubical room. My body tried to budge heedless of a tube hooked to my left wrist. Unhurriedly, lifting myself I sat on my haunches as realization struck me that the cubical room was an ambulance sitting on a stretcher while drips […]


Holding a piece of paper in his hands he stood under the crystal cerulean wide sky with a devastating look in his eyes for several minutes, outside the building where he must be working. I stood opposite to him, staring at the sheet which is crumbled into his big red hands with white knuckles as […]